Climate Justice Fast

Today I had the honor to hang out and help one of the Climate Justice Fasters, Sara Svennson. I waited for her interview with a Swedish news station to finish. During the interview I was able to walk and talk wiht her while they filmed our staged but friendly exchange. she heard about the proposal of the fast via email. She and 6 other people began their fast at the close of the Barcelona UN talks. Before she decided to go through with the fast, she di a test fast for 6 days. She said it changed her life. She felt rewarded and empowered. Sara even felt empowered that it wasn’t as difficult as you would think.

I waited for ehr to decide where she wants to go next as I am her wheelchair pusher. As you can imagine she is weak, but optimistic.

People kept coming up to Sara peridoically and tell her what an amazing thing she is doing. They ask her if she’s really okay. She smiles genuienly and says “Yes! Just cold and a little tired.” She smiles a lot. Delighted andsees the importance of talking to everyone who wants a piece of her. She’s not exhausted by the interviews because she wants every person possible to hear her message.

What dedication, bravery and strenth she has. She has been fasting for 32 days drinking only water.


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